Looking at things

How many pairs of glasses does a girl need?

Always one more than she – I – have, it appears! I wear reading glasses to supplement my contact lenses. And I have been really really proud of myself that I have not lost, forgotten, or otherwise misplaced them.

Until today.

Which would have been fine – or rather, would not have been fine, but would have been less irritating, if the replacement ones that I had to go and buy (I was taking communion to somebody at home today, and I can’t read at all without my glasses) had been the right one.

Let me be clear; the fact that my new glasses are not the right ones is nobody’s fault but mine. I couldn’t remember what strength of reading glasses I need.

And, it turns out that the ones I bought are not the ones I need.

Not impossible, and in fact I have managed well enough, though I confess that now, at the end of the day when I get home and back to my proper glasses, I realise what a strain it has been.

If I had the capacity, I would think about the strain of looking at the world through lenses that are maladapted. I would draw some interesting and important conclusions theologically about looking at the world in ways that are not appropriate. I could even, with a fair wind, develop a sermon illustration.

I’m not going to, for three simple reasons; anybody reading this can already do that perfectly well, and certainly better than me, and also, my eyes are tired. So, with the energy I have left, I am going to watch Springwatch, which I love, and be thankful that a) it was possible to buy spare glasses, b) glasses exist and make my life work well, and c) Springwatch is on, and wonderful! And that watching the world’s wonder, even if on TV rather than face to face, is a reminder of how good it is to be alive.


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