Speaking and listening, again….

Today, I was to listen to somebody, but he didn’t make it.

I am not surprised. His life is chaotic, and I think even making contact with me was scary in the first place; taking it further was unsurprisingly too hard. Maybe another day, it will prove possible.

But that meant I had some time uncommitted.

In that time, prompted by a direct question, I “spoke”. And I was listened to. And I was responded to – robustly, directly, and very helpfully.

It made me laugh, and has made me think about what I have been doing, and, more particularly, what I have been saying to myself.

Listening to somebody else, and helping them hear something important in the patterns and power of what they say is significantly easier than hearing one’s own (my own!) inner dialogue.

That’s why we need one another.

That’s why the privilege of listening to others is so huge.

And the privilege of being listened to is even greater.

Thank you.


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