On musical memories…

I’ve been listening to well-loved and almost forgotten music this afternoon – which has been a delight. It was supposed to help me write – not sure it did that. But it has made me smile. Memories of firsts – first LP I bought, first concert I attended (and yes, other firsts as well….)

Nothing much to say about the emotional impact of music that ahsn’t been already said by so many people so much more coherently. But it is good to remember again the power of music to link to a place, a time and an emotion. And to reflect on that as I think with Patient Colleague, and Creative Colleague – all three of us from different decades – about music in worship, and how we do it well.

And to remember just how much it matters not just at an intellectual level, but at levels we can’t always articulate. I do tend to forget that…..


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