On being clear…..

We – and when I say we, I mean lots of people – are writing stuff for our annual report. And all the material (and there is a lot of it) is being collated, edited and generally brought under control by Sensational Secretary and Beloved Other.

They are rewriting some parts of some pieces, to avoid duplication etc – and to make sure the reports and comments are as clear as possible.

This morning, Beloved Other said “we laughed when we read this sentence in your report. We know you mean exactly what you say, so we are leaving it. But it made us laugh”

And then he read it to me. And yes, he was right, I did know exactly what I meant, and technically it was a correct sentence.

If you know and use that jargon!

There is a perfectly acceptable way to say what I was trying to say without the jargon.

So, I have self-edited, and it is now in plain English.

And I am thinking carefully about how I write, the words I use, the ease with which jargon takes over, and what attention I need to pay to making sure I say what I am trying to say, without giving into the lure of overly-specialised words.

That’s worth noting.


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