An interesting exercise

I have been invited to write a piece on my “three desert island books” for the Baptist Ministers’ Journal. Having had a long time to sit not where I expected (see previous blog post on the missing keys!!) I got it done early. It has been an intriguing thing to work on. Not least because I found I could write suprisingly coherently (I think!) about the choices I made. I had thought I chose them just because I like them, without knowing why. Then I started to write to “justify” my choices. And was remarkably fluent (or something!) Maybe I have more to say than I think I have – always assuming I get the chance to write it down first. Maybe some of the things I choose not to do because I think I have nothing to say, I might have something to say about if I took the time to write it. Maybe writing here is a good practice! Or maybe, I am just as pseudish as I fear I am… For what it’s worth, I chose Walter Wink’s Powers trilogy, EF Benson’s Lucia Victrix (which is five novels in one volume – I’m not stupid), and The Collected Works of John Donne. As for why – you’ll need to wait and see if they publish it!


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