In which we lie on the floor and look….

Last night, for various boring reasons, I spent a long time lying on the floor, flat on my back, staring almost at the ceiling – almost, because I actually managed to watch the TV.

I noticed all sorts of things; shadows I hadn’t seen before, drafts I had never noticed before, the difference in colour in the sofa covers between the parts that are in the light and the parts that are hidden (there’s a blog post in that noticing itself, I think!), my incapacity to write coherently on my phone at that angle (apologies to Historical Friend, who received a rather weird message!) and just how untidy my bookshelves are.

OK, I didn’t need to be lying on the floor to notice that last one – but nevertheless, I did notice it.

I should be having all sorts of deep and creative thoughts about the way a change of angle can change our perception and understanding.

Tomorrow, I may do just that.

Today, I am sitting – because there is no option – and wondering when I can lie down again!


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