Go on – you can do it!

There are days when all I want to do is watch daft telly. I am fortunate – there’s plenty on! One of my favourite formats is shows where people do daft things, as a team, in order to win. (Yes, Crystal Maze, I’m looking at you)

I love watching them, and I love laughing with and at them. One of the aspects Beloved Other and I laugh at is the “come on, you can do it” shouts – especially when the competitor clearly can’t, or the even better “You’ve got plenty of time, but don’t take too long”; advice surely likely to confuse even the most concentrated of game-players.

And we laugh with delight at these, and comment “here’s a very shouty team” and reflect how irritating we might find some of this reiterated and often contradictory advice.

And yet – as I was laughing at it yesterday, I thought – how grateful I have been for those who have “cheered me on” and encouraged me in all sorts of ways; even on Saturday, when Profoundly Gifted Musical Friend said “hear it’s been tough; don’t need to know anything, we are praying” Or the visit to Esteemed Mentor last week, in which she told “it’ll be OK dear”. And the friend who will cheer lead for me. And the Much Missed Member’s regular comment of “chin up – what’s next”

And so many more. My life is so rich in so many people – so many of you – who encourage me, cheer me on – and even, occasonally give me what is logically contradictory advice (you’ve plenty of time, but hurry up) but whose wisdom in that and in the underlying meaning, makes such a difference and gives me the courage and the energy to continue.

Thank you.


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