I have a sore foot. It’s ok – my lovely GP says I am “a classic case” – which is that my symptoms exactly fit the text book, nothing else. So now I have to wear sensible shoes (which I do) keep my foot at right angle to my ankle (that phrase looks very odd), which I am finding remarkably hard, and take painkillers – that I can do. And not walk too much.

That’s the killer.

I miss walking.

I miss the rhythm, the thinking space, the sunshine and the chance to listen to podcasts, watch dogs and see fountains.

It won’t be for long, which is reassuring. And there is no reason to think that, once I recover, this will happen again.

So, I am being positive – especially as I went to visit Skillfully Administrative Member who has broken an ankle. And she is both much more immobilised than me, and much more philosophical. So, I can’t do less.

But I miss walking….


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