Being cared for….

I am being very looked after today – various people are being protective of my time and my space, and making sure I know about possible heffalump traps that might otherwise catch me out.

This is very lovely, and I am enjoying it.


I mean, I am enjoying it, but it is also somewhat odd. What I am beong warned about and protected from is all stuff that I can probably cope with well enough. It’s nice not to have to, but none of it is life-threatening.

So, while enjoying the care, and being very grateful for it, I am also just a little baffled. Am I projecting intense vulnerability? Am I looking especially fragile? Am I needing particular care at the moment.

I hope none of this is true.

I wonder why I hope none of this is true?

I am very grateful for the love and the support that I am being offered – and I am making full acceptance of it.

I may be bewildered – but I’m not daft!


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