Incarnation is not just a theological concept

Today, I visited Intuitive Chiropractor.

She scares me.

Not because she hurts me – not at all. On the contrary, she is very gentle, and is even more aware than I am of just how sensitive I am to various forms of treatment (the joys of being an over-reactor!) and never gives me more than I can take.

Rather, it is her uncanny – or intuitive, or skilled – insight into my life from her awareness of my back that unnerves me. There was the time I visited her, following a significant bereavement in church. She asked how I was, didn’t wait for a reply, prodded my lower back and said “who died?”

At which point I burst into the tears I had been suppressing and by the end of the session felt much better.

Today, I told her about a couple of aches that were bothering me, both because they hurt, and because I have no awareness of having hurt myself in ways that would account for them.

“How’s your hydration?” she said.


Rather too often recently, I have gone home to Beloved Other and remarked, as I pour my bedtime cherry juice “You know what, I don’t think I have had anything to drink today”

That’ll learn me! I would not have linked the pain I am feeling with dehydration. But if that is what it is, that is easy to deal with, and life will be much better.

She then followed it up with various questions about some of the stuff that’s been happening, and traced connections with some of the aches and some of the events.

And massaged, stretched and generally did her stuff, so that I feel much better.

Which gives me two things to ponder; how easy it is to neglect very basic self-care (really- not remembering to have a drink during the day! How hard is that?) and the ways in which the things that happen get stored in my body – and need to be dealt with.

I believe in incarnation. It’s just that sometimes that sometimes I forget I am incarnate. It might be good to hold on to that!


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