I have had an ecumenical day! This morning, spending time with other local ministers planning an event, lunch time leading prayers in a nearby church, this afternoon catching up with somebody from a long time ago and discussing involvment in an ecumenical committee (I seem to have agreed to chair another group, but I am assured it is a friendly one!)

Tonight, I am attending another church – but this time, to see a play. We are going to this; Shakespeare’s Globe invites you to step into history with a rare opportunity to experience King John at Temple Church.

I am looking forward to this!

Woven through all this, I have been reminded that somebody I love lives with health challenges, that the people I care for here have complex lives, that in too many places around the world there are horrors beyond imagining.

Life is complicated.

I am learning to receive and enjoy the delights and the fruitful, to live with and not fear the painful, and to try to find a balance. Not always managing, but trying….


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