This is not a list……

There are moments to think about what needs to be done (and the occasional need for a list to identify the “things that must not be forgotten”) and there are moments to think about what I want to do – not a list (Heaven forfend!!) of 100 things to do before I die, but what do I not want to not get round to doing while I can.

OK – that’s a clumsy sentence, but I know what I mean….

Birthdays provoke this kind of thought. (Not my birthday, Beloved Other’s and a lovely day has been had in celebration of the event 🙂 )

So, I am thinking about what I want to do – things I would not want to regret never having attempted, or not having had time for, or just not having got round to.

I am making a start with the MA that I plan to start (part-time) in the autumn.

We have just got a book of “two things to do every day for a year in London” on the basis that there must be stuff in there we would like to do if we knew about it, and so finding out about seems a good idea.

I am very grateful to Patient Colleague and Creative Colleague, and Amazing Officers for their support as we think about the shape of the ministry at church for encouraging us all to think about where our particular gifts, calls and passions lie, and how we might ensure energy is given to them, and not used inappropriately.

And while this is not – repeat not! – a list, it is a noticing, and a paying attention, and an intention to do more of such attending, so that when a birthday of a larger number than this one arrives, neither Beloved Other nor I will be looking back and saying “I wish we had….”


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