Unexpected Daffodils

There is a balcony at the window of the spare bedroom.

Since it is the spare bedroom, I don’t often go in there. Since it is a balcony, I really don’t often go on to it.

Several years ago, a generous friend gave me a tub of spring flowers – in flower. The only place it would go is on the balcony, and for the first year it looked wonderful.

Sadly, what with not going in there very often, I forgot about the tub. Except on the odd times when I did go in and saw a very tired and sad looking planter full of not very alive plants. But what with it being on the balcony, there was always the thought that I would deal with it another time – when I could face going on to the balcony.

This morning, as I was leaving home, I turned and, for once, looked through an open door into the spare bedroom, and because of the angle I was standing at, saw through the window.

The tub is full of daffodils. Healthy, glowing, beautiful daffodils.

That has made me smile all morning.

Daffodils mean spring is well and truly here, and daffodils where I thought I had killed them adds a new depth to welcoming the new life of spring.

It’s the yellow colour, I think. It is cheerful.

Blu-tacked to my comp[uter monitor is a picture of a daffodil, sent to me several years ago (6, I think – maybe 7) by Much Missed Member, who wanted to cheer me in a dark winter. It stays with me as a moment of promise.

And now it is echoed at home.

I am glad.


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