On not sniffing….

Everybody around me is ill – well, not exactly everybody, but enough.

Patient Colleague is unwell, Creative Colleague is very unwell, and even Beloved Other, who is never ill, is not well.

I am not a happy bunny.

Being not well, especially at this time of year, is my trick. Sniffing, losing my voice, generally being miserable and making everybody else suffer for it – I am so good at that.

But it appears that this year’s bug is a chest infection, rather than a cold.

And, in The Mercy, I am not susceptible to chest infections.

What is disturbing is how unnerved I am at being the one who is not ill. It occurs to me that being the strong one or the able one is not a place I take easily.

Which is weird, since I am well, strong, able and capable. Perhaps  I need to take that more seriously….


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