A special day

I have been out for lunch with Flamboyant Friend, which was, as always, a delight. And then this evening, I have been out for a meal to say farewell to Calm Financier who cared for many years for the money for IBTS, the seminary deep in many of our hearts. This has therefore been a very special evening.

The man we have been saying farewell to had – indeed, still has – the capacity to sit quietly, and be calm in the midst of a busy, noisy time and place. And even more, the capacity to sit very still when everybody else was distressed, angry, anxious; to absorb it, and to hold it, and point out that there was a way forward.

When I was a very anxious and incompetent chair of a Board of Trustees, he was able to explain the finances in a way I understood, and to reassure me when I didn’t understand despite his best efforts. And for that alone, he deserves a crown of glory. Others can – and have – say more about what he has offered. But I am deeply deeply grateful to have been alongside him during difficult times – he made them ok. And that is a gift beyond compare.1466195_10152628287252344_9160331841023203677_n

I love that today has been a day of friendship and food. Gifts not to be taken for granted.


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