Surprising moments

Well, today has been an interesting day! Broadcasting Friend invited me and Beloved Other to visit W1A. It’s a scary building for a height-fearer like me. Lots of glass walls and sight lines straight down! But when I wasn’t panicking, I had a wonderful time.

Intriguingly, the programme on which Broadcasting Friend works lacked one ingredient today – a specialist on the reformation.

So, my dizzying broadcast career has hit new heights as I have been interviewed for a couple of minutes about this story

Clearly, my years of study on the intricacies of Reformation theology has fitted me to be the right person at the right time for this interview 🙂

It was great fun!

I am reflecting that being the right person at the right time in the right place is a wonderful privilege – I don’t often notice that that is me, but maybe it is more often than I know. I was this morning; I went (planned) to lead communion with Shut-in Member, a regular honour. That is always special.

Noticing it when it happens by accident is harder. I was delighted that it happened this afternoon…


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