A day that wasn’t planned…

Today has been an odd day. It never look like being busy, but even the things that were in the diary didn’t happen. Somebody who had an appointment with me turned out not to be able to make it, and I chose not to go to a meeting I was due to attend because I am sneezing too much – wasn’t sure that, as a contribution to the general discussion, would be altogether welcome šŸ™‚

So, in some ways it has been a less productive day than I had anticipated.

However, this morning, Patient Colleague tutored me in technology (patiently!) and then, he and I, Creative Colleague and Organisational Colleague tackled a pile of flexes, cds, cables and just general stuff that was lurking, indeed, breeding in a cupboard, and under a pew. We have been talking about doing it, and today seemed a good moment.

I found myself delightfully ruthless. I was pronouncing “put it out” firmly, with conviction and without hesitation over various bits of stuff. Decluttering is not my biggest skill, but today, for whatever reason, I found not only could I do it, but I really quite enjoyed it!

Last Lent, I looked at decluttering as a spiritual discipline.

Maybe something changed more deeply than I had realised.

Today was not at all what I had planned.

But it has been a good day in surprising ways.


One thought on “A day that wasn’t planned…

  1. I don;t normally play with puns on peole’s names, but “delightfully ruthless” is a phrase used by someone who is “delightfully Ruth”! Blessings from here šŸ™‚

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