And this seemed a good idea because…..?

I have new contact lenses, which now necessitate the wearing of reading glasses. (I know – but believe me, it is simpler than the squinting I was doing before!)

However, I am discovering the delights of glasses not worn all the time.

I’ve worn glasses since I was 16, and moved to contacts in my mid twenties. But I have never before had some aid to sight that was only worn at certain times.

The complexity then becomes they are not worn at other times.

Which means I lay them down.

A couple of days ago, here; 2015-02-07 12.28.48

Beside a rather sorry for itself Poinsettia.

Why? I have no idea. But I do know it took me quite a while to find them.

Because without them….

I can see definite advantages in the kind of jackets my male friends wear which have pockets, visible or hidden, into which glasses can be slipped. Sadly, not many of my jackets or cardigans have such pockets. I am resisting getting a chain to wear them round my neck.

But this is proving a challegne to my capacity to keep track of things.

It used to be I had to check I had keys and purse when I left the house. Then, more recently, keys, purse and phone. Now, keys, purse, phone and glasses…

Where will it end???

And then I think; I have glasses which mean I can see. I have contact lenses which mean I can see. I have keys which means I have a home, safe and secure, I have a purse with money, I have a phone, and people whom I talk to using it.

Not to be sanctimonius, but a bit of blessing counting would not come amiss.

I even have poinsettia which can look after my glasses for me…..


One thought on “And this seemed a good idea because…..?

  1. My problem is not losing the reading glasses, but leaving them on my nose ready for next read. Then I lose the glasses case as I forget where I was when I put the glasses on. The worst incident was when I asked in an office if anyone had seen the glasses case, someone opened a drawer and asked helpfully “Was it one of these?” My answer had to be “Both”!

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