Daft dug Dandie!

My mother used to say this to me.

I was offering it as poem recently to somebody, and remembered just how much I loved hearing it. Indeed, there are still times when I hear myself muttering lines from it; usually under my breath, since few people around me are going to understand it.

But lovely to read through the whole piece again.

Daft Dug Dandie! (W.D. Cocker)
Come in ahint, ye wan’erin’ tyke!
Did ever a body see yer like?
Wha learnt ye a’ thae poacher habits?
Come in ahint, ne’er heed the rabbits!
Noo bide there, or I’ll warm yer lug!
My certie! ca’ yersel’ a dug?
Noo ower the dyke all’ through the park:
Let’s see if ye can dae some wark.
Way wide there, fetch them tae the fank!
Way wide there, ‘yont the burn’s bank!
Get roon’ aboot them! Watch the gap!
Hey, Dandie, haud them frae the slap!
Ye’ve got them noo, that’s no sae bad:
Noo bring them in, guid lad! guid lad!
Noo tak’ them canny ower the knowe —
Hey, Dandie, kep that mawkit yowe!
The tither ane, hey’, lowse yer grip!
The yowe, ye foumart, no’ the tip!
Ay, that’s the ane, guid dug! guid dug!
Noo haud her canny, dinna teug!
She’s mawkit bad; ay, shair’s I’m born
We’ll hae tae dip a wheen the morn.
Noo haud yer wheesht, ye yelpin’ randie,
An’ dinna fricht them, daft dug Dandie!
He’s ower the dyke — the de’il be in’t!
Ye wan’erin’ tyke, come in ahint!


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