Conversation piece

Still at the gathering, but with no up-front role today, I find myself in my more normal position of wondering how on earth I am going to cope in a group of 100 where I know about 5. Well, a new strategy has emerged. I didn’t plan it this way, but my hoodie is a great conversation starter.

That’s this hoodie;

Created with Nokia Smart Camthe one that tells people I love rugby. Which is, of course, true – but does not mean I can talk intelligently about it!

However, it turns out that doesn’t matter. What the hoodie does is allow people to start a conversation. And if all I manage to say is “Do you know, I really don’t know” still, that’s enough to sustain it beyond the agonising beginning bit, and then we’re off, and it’s fine.

Maybe I should wear this all the time 🙂


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