Clearing tables

There’s just been a buffet in the church hall – something we do EXTREMELY well. Today’s was for an Organ Day (every time I have written that today, and I have written it a lot because I have been tweeting about it on the church twitter account, it sounds like something to do with donations of a certain kind…). Lots of people have been in the building, listening to our amazing organ being played by wonderful people, and to a series of fascinating talks.

And, because it has been a day full of visitors to the building, I have been drifting around in my blacks, with the clerical collar on. I have been trying to look as if I have something to do, and not doing that very well. So when time came to start clearing the tables, I was happy to join in. Something purposeful helps in the middle of a crowd where I don’t really know anybody!

And I was doing just fine, til somebody said “You shouldn’t be doing that!”

I am going to make the assumption that they were not judging me incapable of clearing a table (those who know me may make such a judgement, but complete strangers usually credit me with slightly more capacity…) Rather, I assume he was assuming that “as a minister” this was inappropriate.

I spend my life worrying about things that might or might not be inappropriate.

But this one had not occurred to me.

Clearing tables seems to me a perfectly appropriate thing for me, the minister of this church, to be doing (and thankfully, it appers to seem so to the rest of the congregation too!) But I am left wondering just what he thought I am about if lifting plates off tables was “inappropriate”.

None of the answers I come up with are particularly appealing….


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