I give in! I can’t do it anymore. I am unable to sustain a to-do list at the level I have been attempting.

Profoundly Organised Friend spoke much wisdom when we met for lunch the other day (well, we eventually managed lunch – service was not all it might have been!!)

“Don’t do too complex” was her advice. And her advice, in this as in much else, is advice I will listen to. After all, she gets this list thing at a level I can never even aspire to.

The way I have been trying to do this is according to category, date and goodness only knows what else.

And it is clearly not working for me.

Her reflection is that getting stuff written down is more important that getting it written down according to category. And I would add that since the categories are scaring me so much I am actually not writing it down, then perhaps the whole point of this is being lost!

I should have noticed this.

I don’t categorise well. Those games of “which one doesn’t fit” were always games I didn’t do very well at. I could work it out – but that was always the the process; working it out, not seeing it clearly. My sense is that the world around me is an undifferentiated mass, and I have no idea how to group it. That is part of what makes it all so bewildering.

Esteemed Wise Director suggests that I should rename this as perceiving reality as a unified whole.

I think that might be being too kind.

But I will accept it, and give up trying to do what I cannot do.

An undifferentiated list from now on.

Assuming I don’t lose it…..


2 thoughts on “Defeated!

  1. It’s just as well we’re all different, isn’t it? I can ‘do’ lists, but I have often appreciated your advice on other topics. For example, I might not have written my dissertation, had you not encouraged me to pursue my ideas and pointed me in the direction of potentially useful sources. Stick with the list concept – in simplified form – it does work, honest!!

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