Food is not just there for decoration….

Today I learned a new thing – well, not really, but it does seem to have been something I have been forgetting.

If I don’t eat, I don’t necessarily feel hungry. But I do get snappy, harrassed, unfocussed, incoherent and altogether a bit of a pain to be around, and certainly less than effective.

Who knew?

It’s not that I deliberately set out not to eat. It’s just that I didn’t quite get round to it.

I have now had lunch.

That’s better!

To all those who have had to suffer me being less than a little ray of sunshine, sorry. I will try to remember to eat.

And drink.

Ho hum. As Wise Mother used to tell me – for an intelligent woman, I can be very stupid! A phrase I far too often prove true 🙂


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