Cameras, sweaters and moment to smile

I often check various webcams in Edinburgh – one of those anti-homesickness strategies I have developed over the years. My favourite is on the Royal Mile, since it comes with sound as well!

Today, having heard from Rediscovered Friend that the weather was more problematic in Edinburgh than London, I turned it on, and commented that it looked wet but not snowy.

Later in the day, after a minor hiccup, I got a call on the mobile; “I’m standing by the camera – you can see my Christmas sweater”

I did – it’s spectacular. And a moment’s chat, and then on with the day.

And it made me smile.

Which on a driech London day, when I am not at all sure I am doing anything worthwhile, and there is too much stuff to do, and not enough time to do it, and certainly no new, fresh and creative ideas to do it with…- well, it’s a gift!

Now my question is – do I have the nerve to buy, and even more, to wear – a Christmas sweater!


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