A better day…

I have had a surprisingly productive day! Which is reassuring, since I had a lot to get through.

Patient Colleague works with the notion that procrastination is a good thing; if there is something important but difficult and therefore being put off, other stuff that might otherwise be ignored actually gets done. I think he’s right – at least, I hope he is.

But today, it wasn’t so much about putting off other stuff. It’s more that, after what has been a rather demanding few weeks (me and the Great God Pan have been spending far too much time together for my well-being) today, I have felt more human again.

And that is surprisingly energising. Hence, a lot gets done.

Not sure it’s going to last – this could be a demanding week emotionally, which is always diverting from tasks.

But today has been good. And that’ll do!

I am glad and grateful for getting things done. And I am grateful to people – Beloved Other, Rediscovered Friend, Patient Colleague, Creative Colleague, Compassionate Secretary and so many others – for putting up with me over the last few weeks, and for talking sense to me! Thank you!!


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