Tired little imps…..

I do not understand how the interweb works (and don’t worry; I am not about to ask) But I do know that open up my computer, click the relevant icons and it does what I want; I have access to all sorts of stuff, keeping me in touch, teaching me, amusing me, irritating me….all the stuff I want it to do.

But sometimes – like today – it’s very slow. Or indeed, it stops all together. And I have no idea why. Nothing is different, it says it’s connected, but it goes very slowly, and keeps telling me it can’t find pages it was just looking at… or whatever.

Anyway, today, for reasons known only to the interweb imps (bingley bingley beep) it is limping along.

I know how it feels.

So today, I am going to treat the interweb gently, and try to treat myself the same way.

That’s good enough.


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