Slowing down

Today has been a quiet day – largely because my voice is awol again, and since I have a lot of talking to do at the weekend, I thought I would be responsible and just not talk.

So, what’s a girl to do?


Time and space to read a book that, even as I was reading, I kept thinking “I need to remember this”

Cue finding a notebook, and returning to a long-abandoned practice of making notes as I go along.

Which has not only had the benefit of meaning I have got notes now as well as the book – the practice of writing the notes both slowed down my reading, which has been really helpful, and by processing the words not just through eyes and mind, but through eyes, hand and mind, I have taken them deeper into myself.

And doing it this way has reminded just how fast I go at stuff; quite unnecessarily, just because it is a habit. And how much more I gain (and maybe offer) if I slow down.

All in all, a good, useful, meaningful day.



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