How do you feel about that….?

Carrying on thinking about conversations, today’s were different again. And one in particular is taking my attention.

Committee Companion stopped by between meetings and suggested we had some time to talk. “What do you want to do?”

“Get me out of the building and make me laugh” – and I didn’t even need to think about what I wanted.

Actually, we didn’t laugh much. We had an interesting, stimulating and enjoyable conversation (at least, I enjoyed it – I hope he did!) It was a conversation about ideas, about things that matter to us both, about issues in our common areas of interest – and not about the stuff of emotion, feeling, sensitivity.

It was refreshing and relaxing and just what I needed to ground me again.

It is important to know what I feel and what impact it is having,

But it is not all there is. And it can get too much – for me at least. Especially when as today, one of the regular partners in my conversation is not present.

Today, I am grateful for somebody who talks to me about ideas and interest and story. And didn’t ask me how I felt!


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