And the good news is

that my phone is mended. The nice clever people in the nearby clever shop were very happy to do what was necessary.

But I had a few scary moments on the way. When I arrived at the shop, the first person I spoke to said “Oh yes, that can be mended. Go down there and speak to the repair shop; they’ll book it in, and it will take a couple of weeks.”


I went down, and had to wait while somebody else was attended to. And couldn’t help but hear the other person being told “yes, I think two weeks should do it”

Having no idea what problem had brought them in, I couldn’t tell whether it was parallel or not.

And I had about 5 minutes to wait.

And I panicked. I sat there thinking about whether I could cope without the phone for TWO WHOLE WEEKS

My rational head said of course I could; after all, I have, even yet, lived more of my life without a mobile phone than with one. And that seemed to have worked.

But my panicky head just kept yelling “But you won’t be able to …..” and then filled in a variety of blanks.

All in all, I was deeply relieved when it came my turn, and when I explained and when the Helpful Person said “Oh, yes, we can sort that; can you come back in hald an hour”

But I have spent much of the rest of the day wondering when I got addicted.

I suppose that’s the thing about an addiction; nobody sets out to get hooked. And nobody thinks it’s going to happen to them. Or notices that it has, until the supply is threatened.

I think I need to think about this…..


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