For much longer than I have been writing here, I have been reading several other blogs, some regularly, some intermittently (some more intermittently than I would like, because of a lost list of bookmarks some time ago!)

In fact, it was the reading of them that stopped me from writing for a long time. Because they are good. Interesting, creative, reflective, intelligent, thought and prayer provoking….

I didn’t think I could  – indeed, I knew I couldn’t – match up.

The one night I thought, if I can’t do all those things – what can I do?

And realised I can own the stuff I can do instead of bemoaning the stuff I can’t do, and do that. It was said of me over the weekend that I “had a theology of incompetence” – a wonderful compliment (I do – my argument for it is going to be published in a colelction of essays and lecture soon! Does that count as some level of competence?) And that is, I realise, what underlies this blog; to look at the places where I can learn from what I do or don’t do, and do or not do it better. And by offering it for others consideration  and conversation, I am attempting not to be too self-indulgent or navelgazing. So, thanks for the responses….

To take a conviction of incompetence, and use it as a way of being open to possibility and opportunity – well, it’s a USP I am capable of owning.

I hope.


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