A good day….

Today has been a good day. I have had the privilege of spending it with various folk from Amersham Free Church, thinking about what is the church. We  – well, I – called the day “Ecclesi-what” and we spent some time thinking about the nature of the church and what we need to be to be a church.

I had a ball! The group were generous, creative, engaged and challenging. They welcomed me in, listened to me, talked to me, and gave me a lovely lunch. And they have even invited me back to preach tomorrow morning.

One of the things that consistently recurs in my thinking and reflecting is how kindly and generously people welcome me into their lives and contexts just because of my role, without really knowing who I am. People entrust me with their stories, welcome me into their discussions (and homes), offer me their assumption of interest before I have to prove that I am interesting, and allow me to ask them daft questions….

This is so special. This is such a privilege.

And it is good to remember and celebrate it. And say thank you to so many….


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