How do you do that?

This evening I am going to hear Revered Supervisor give a lecture (Evil hags and mothers: women and witchcraft in Germany, if you are interested!) I am really looking forward to it; partly because the topic interests me,  partly because, though she accompanied me in my work for quite some time (I was a very slow doctoral student!) I have never heard her lecture before.

And there is always a fascination in hearing somebody speak about something they are interested in. Apart from anything else, I hope to learn more about how to communicate a passionate interest.

I am leading a couple of church weekends over the next month; I am delighted that I am being invited to speak about issues that matter deeply to me. And I really really want to communicate my convictions about how important these ideas and their implications are.

I find stuff that matters most to me is hardest to say.

Which is not a good position for my kind of work. So, as well as the delight of seeing Revered Supervisor again, and of hearing the content, I am going to be working hard, as I do with listening to everybody whom I admire, in working out “how do you do that?”



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