Awesome or disastrous…..?

There have been a variety of encounters today – most delightful, a couple pretty demanding. In each, I have aimed to be present and real, to say what I truly wanted to say (sometimes incoherently, but you can’t have everything!) and to listen well.

Of them all, I am left wondering whether my responses were awesome or disastrous -or, to be less melodramatic, to what extent I said things that were helpful or the opposite.

In what situation, I am now pretty sure that what I said, while not disastrous, I probably didn’t do the best thing. But I was completely out my depth, and hope I did the best I was able to in the moment. In another, I know I did the right thing, but the other person left feeling let down and angry. In the others, who knows?

In all, the only possible way to tell is to wait and see.¬† That is hard. But probably a good lesson; the harvest is not immediate, and, to quote my Gran, possessing my soul in patience is no bad thing! The temptation to rush to rapid judgement is all too easy to succumb to. Learning not to do it to myself might help me not to do it to others either. That is definitely a good thing……


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