In Sync – or not!

I have a programme that runs on both my computer and my phone. I can enter information into one, and it is transferred to the other, so that wherever I am, I can work with the most up to date version.

At least, that is what is supposed to happen.

If you do it properly.

Which I clearly did not.

I spent some time the other day entering quite a lot of information, and then found yesterday that the version on my phone was not up to date. No problem, next time I put the computer on, I will tap the sync icon.

I just did.

The computer and the phone are now in sync.

Sadly, the version they now both have is the version that was on my phone.

Without the up to date information.


I presume there is a simple explanation. I assume that I have done something wrong. After all, electronic devices aren’t sentient. They aren’t out to get me. The theory that “les choses sont contre nous” is just a joke (If you haven’t read Paul Jennings; The Report on Resistentialism, you won;t get that! But you could do worse today than track it down and read it. One of the funniest – and indeed most influential in giving me phrases to cope with the world – pieces that I have ever read….)

I also know that somewhere in all of this is an important thought about how we live in sync or not with the world around and the dominant through patterns of our society.

But frankly, all I am noticing is that I am irritated, and am seriously considering reverting to low-tech ways of keeping track of stuff!

As I say – bah!


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