Sameness and Difference

I have just, among other delights in this day, had some time with Mirroring Friend. We have known one another for many years, but actually rarely meet – but when we do, it is always a revelation and a delight to be with somebody who sees and experiences the world in ways that I recognise with that shock of “Oh, you mean it’s not just me….” Reflecting on our conversation today, I am left being grateful for how relaxing it is to be with somebody who knows what I am trying to say without me having to check out that I am making sense, and who takes the same experience of reality for granted.

Realising how relaxing it is reminds me how rarely it happens.

Realising how rarely it happens reminds me that it matters to keep remembering that just because I feel, react or experience something in a particular way does not mean everybody does the same, and that I can get into real muddles, and unnecessary complexities – to say nothing of some bad mistakes – when I assume that they do.

And so, as well as celebrating time with Mirrroring Friend (if you are reading this, please know how grateful I am!) I am being grateful that the world is richer than my experience, and remembering not to make assumptions about how other people are, feel or think.

That’s pretty good for one day. And I bought some books and ate some cake!


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