Creative Colleague came into my study today and stopped.

“What’s different? Oh, it’s tidy!”

Well, that made me feel good 🙂 Actually, it did. I am loving the fact that, at the moment, my study does not have all sorts of stuff lying on the floor which doesn’t belong there. I have acquired new shelves and have put quite a lot of stuff in boxes (nice, colourful ones) on the high shelves that I can’t easily reach, and books that I use on the lower ones. I have reorganised (ish) my books, so that things that had got shoved in because there was no space in the “proper” section as I bought new ones are now in coherent collections.

And I have thrown out a LOT of paper.

So, all in all, there is a good deal more space, and a lot less “noise” in the atmosphere of the room.

And I notice the difference in how it feels when I walk in in the morning. It is not finished yet; the pinboards are still propped against the wall, and there are a couple of (not pretty and colourful) boxes of stuff to find new homes for. And I need a new chair! (If anybody can suggest a comfortable reading chair, I’m interested.) But it has a welcoming feel now; there is space to be. There is space to breathe. There is space to be quiet.

I am wondering two things as a result.

Can I keep it up? (Past experience says probably not!)

Remembering my Lenten experiments of decluttering and the impact on    my inner landscape, what other stuff do I need to pack away, even throw out to have the same sense of space and welcome, quietness and being within.

I’m working on this.

Thank you for keeping me company.



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