More updating!!

Yesterday, I was reflecting on having a new phone and learning to work it. Today, I have been trying to work with the new version of Publisher.

Not such a happy experience.

Muddles to start with because I had had no indication that it had been upgraded. But once I worked out why it looked different (which is to say, working out that I hadn’t broken it!), then I set out, full of optimism to prepare my document.

Sadly, things I could do without a second thought on the older form don’t appear to be possible in the new form. I assume that in fact that is not true – that I could still do them – IF I KNEW HOW!

What I can’t find is the “help” button. Again, I assume it is there….but where??

I am cross, tired, hungry and feeling powerless.

Which may, in fact, have little to do with Publisher, and more to do with being cross, tired, hungry, and today, powerless.

I will leave my document til tomorrow. That is the best wisdom I have.


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