New phone and learning to use it.

I got a new phone a few months ago. It’s a “smart phone” -which, if I am understanding correctly, means that it can do the wifi stuff. Or rather, I know it can do the wifi thing – I think that’s what makes it a “smart phone”.

I like it. I am getting used to it, and enjoying the things it can do. It ahs a disconcerting tendency to update at what appear to be random moments, and what I knew how to do has to be relearned, but I am intelligent woman (if a little less than tech savvy) and I can do this.

It’s not actually the wifi stuff that is demanding, it turns out. I use it for twitter, facebook and one set of emails, and that is manageable, because I already know how to do that, and am just learning to do it on a njew machine.

No, the touch bit is the notebook. The to-do list. The organising capacity.

I had a meeting with Patient Colleague the other day. I had my phone with me, but also my notebook and pen. The pen wasn’t working, so I asked if I could borrow one.

“You could make notes on your phone” he said (patiently – he is a good colleague!)

So, I did.  I then of course, forgot I had made them, and had to be reminded of what I had agreed to.

But since then, I have been trying. Really truly. But I still find – as I did in the meeting I have attended today-  that I make notes on my phone, and then make them on paper as well. Just in case.

Somehow, they feel more real that way!

I hope some day to get to the point where it is all on the phone. Losing the phone doesn’t worry me (well it does, but not because of notes I will lose!) I am constantly losing the bits of paper on which I make notes.

But what it has made clear to me is how much the physical act of writing helps to embed things in my memory. And somehow, the soft-touch screen on the smart phone doesn’t (yet) have the same effect.

Some days, I feel distinctly middle-aged!


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