Keeping quiet

On Thursday, there’s this vote thing!

I can’t take part, due to living in another place.

But at the moment, I feel a long way from home. I have always felt far away, but rarely as sharply as now. I don’t like it.

And I really don’t like the irritation, mutual suspicion, apparent threats and bullying that appears to be going on – real, or perceived. I have been following things as closely as I can, but I have now stopped. The emotions are running too high, and people I care about are on both sides, and I hate the feeling of mutual tension.

I also hate the sense of being in exile.

I am regularly asked how I would vote if I could.

In the good Scottish phrase, “that’s between me and my God” – which is not that I don’t know, but that, since I can’t vote I am choosing not to say anything. Because I hate the heated responses, on both sides, that I hear whenever anybody does.

Which I know says more about my conflict avoidance than anything about politics.

But I wish it was over, I wish I knew where we were going, I wish I could be certain it was going to be OK in terms of relationships and mutual acceptance.

And I wish I was at home.


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