So, I’m back! It has been a good break, with much laziness, a bit of walking, not nearly enough sleeping (insomnia does not take a holiday. Why is this??) and several very silly and therefore enjoyable novels devoured. And most of it in good weather, which was an added bonus. Taking a holiday is always a gamble in terms of weather, but taking a holiday at the end of the summer period adds a little extra to that excitement. However, there were a few showers, but on the whole, it was sunny.

And now I am back in at my desk – and it’s still sunny.

Which leaves me with a dilemma. My desk is in a particular place in my study – determined by where various socketty and technical thingies are. It can’t go anywhere else. Well, it can, but then I can’t switch anything on…. But it does mean that it is underneath the window. Well, at an angle to it. So that, for a significant period each morning, the sun shines through the window directly onto the computer screen.

So I face a dilemma. I could walk away from the computer – which seems the most attractive option, but is possibly not always practical. Or, I can lower the blind.

I usually lower the blind. Which does mean I can read the screen. But it also means that I miss out on the sunshine.

There is a deep thought in there somewhere, about managing my context. But I’m not sure I can unearth it at the moment. Instead, I am going to lift the blind up, since the sun has gone behind a cloud – and get on with trying to make sense of what is piled up on my desk.


2 thoughts on “Blinds!

  1. The trick is to use slatted blinds. You can deflect the light away from the screen, while still enjoying the light in the room. Using vertical or horizontal slats, depends on budget or angle required. A cheaper option is to buy a car blind usually used for children (so available in Boots or Mothercare), providing you can reach the offending window. This will diffuse the light in a specific area, while providing a bear or cat face to cheer your day.

    I have the same problem at work and neither above options are suitable for me. So I had wondered if someone had designed a desk-blind that you could move about on your desk but the nearest thing I could find was a paper-holder with a hinged arm. Perhaps that’s an idea I can suggest to Dragon’s Den.

  2. Glad it’s not just me! The blinds I have are slatted, but still have to be fully closed to let me see the screen : (
    Plus, I have to climb n the desk to get anywhere near the window….
    It will get better as the sun gets lower in winter; it will hit the screen for shorter periods. I mighrt even be able to just use that time as time out 🙂

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