On the changingness of things

I must be getting old. I seem to hear myself say more and more often “when did that change?” – of a whole variety of “that”s.

Walking down a road I know well with Beloved Other this morning, we amused ourselves with noting how many of the shops had closed, been refurbished, opened new displays – generally changed. It was quite disturbing.

And how often do websites change – not just their content, that I expect. But their organisation, the way I am expected to interact with them (Yes, I’m looking at you Twitter – again!)

And people – let’s not start on people. My two niecelets change in every photo I see of them! Mind you, at their age, it would be even more disturbing if they didn’t 🙂 But it’s not just them. And it’s not just appearance. Just when I think I have got stuff worked out, know how to relate, have got it sussed – oh, look, it’s different!

I know change happens. I know without change, we would die. I know change is usually – well, sometimes, – for the better.

But sometimes I would just like a moment’s stability, so that I can catch my breath. Oh well….




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