Passing Place

One of my friends on FB posts lots of wonderful photos (well, actually, lots of my FB friends do, but bear with me). Today, the photo is of a “passing place” – one of those little lay-byes in the single track roads that mean that when two cars meet, one doesn’t have to reverse all the way back to more of a main road.

It is a very beautiful photo.

But quite apart from its own beauty, I am finidng that the notion of a passing place is haunting me today. The notion of a space, a broadening of edges or boundaries, the widening of a frame ….you get the idea.

Tomorrow is a day off – a passing place; space to let stuff, people, ideas, feelings move through and around, rather than getting all backed up or coming into a crash.

I am incoherent enough to know what it is I am trying to say, and know I am failing to say it….but if it makes any sense, I think it might matter!



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