Feeling thick!

I have just read a fascinating article.

At least, I think it was fascinating. I was intrigued by the first paragraph, drawn in by the second, and then – well, from then on, it was glimpses, moments of illumination, sudden gasps of understanding – and rather long stretches of thinking “I understand all these words – but I do not understand what is being said”

Now, it may be that I was reading too fast; this has been known to happen. It may be that I am tired – it is the end of the day, and the day has had its demands. It may be that the heat has finally addled my brain, or that all the rather difficult stuff to do with people I care about is taking all my real attention.

But whatever, I did not understand most of what the article was about, and I am disappointed.

I am also wondering if, just maybe, the fault is not ALL mine; if perhaps the writer might have been a little clearer, or made the points more succinctly. Which becomes a challenging wondering – what about the moments when, in my head I am making sense, but I am not succeeding in communicating whatever it is I am trying to say.

I am grateful – though not as grateful as I should be!- to those who take the time to point out that I am not making sense. After this afternoon’s reading, I will pay more attention!


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