Tidying up

I am not preaching tomorrow, which means that the nerves are rather less than usual. I have the delight of presiding at the Table, but that is a different kind of tension.

So, as a result, I felt strong enough to tackle the desk.

I have dumped paper (always nerve wracking – have I put out something I might need??)

I have even gone through the material in the in-tray…some of it I have dealt with, some of it I have put out (it’s now out of date) some of it I have transferred to another tray (the “I don’t know what to do with this, but daren’t lose it” tray), and some of it I have put back into the in-tray to deal with another day (well, there’s only so much a girl can manage!)

I have cleared the books that were piled up – and put them up on the shelves.

I have moved things that should not be on a desk.

I am trying to convince myself that it looks better.

I’m not convinced……..

However, I now know where various things are which I did not know before. That’ll do!


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