Bewildered but unbowed…

That title is the strap line I use on various places where I am asked to describe myself.It certainly describes today.

Waking to stories from around the world that make me scared, angry, sadder than I have words for and so powerless.

Discussions about a contentious issue in the Association – conducted in a way that may or may not have forwarded the process, but at least avoided blood on the floor in the moment, and that will do, for a conflict avoider like me.

News of somebody I have known in the past, and about whom I care – news that is hard to hear.

News that somebody I love is dying – in grace, I may get there tomorrow to say goodbye. But whether I do or not, I am sad.

A letter from a far away friend with news that is trivial and for that reason absolutely delightful (she writes the best letters!)

Feeling very far away from various people that matter very much to me, and not knowing how to tell them what they mean to me.

The need to share hard news – such a privilege, and a burden.

The strapline on this blog is “trying to make sense of it all – or at least part of it”.

Not today. Today, all I can do is sit with it, and sit very still, bewildered, but unbowed.

Kyrie eieison

Deo Gratias



One thought on “Bewildered but unbowed…

  1. “What makes the desert beautiful,’ said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well…” Isaiah thought so too, with his paradoxes of hope, the desert in blossom, the gurgle of water. Thinking of you Ruth, and will do so In King’s Chapekl this morning when I go in for a wee recce and a prayer!

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