This is not how it should be!

So, he told me he had known what was the right thing to do, and had done it. But the consequences might be hard. And part of my response was this tweet; “For those who do what is right, and then fear what will happen, kyrie elieson” It was just what I wanted to say, and expression of my own frustration at the mess that the world sometimes is.

What has intrigued me is how several people, including some I do not know, have picked it up and retweeted and/or favourited.

I doubt that anybody who follows me, except the person involved, has any idea what my context for this prayer is.

But it clearly stuck a chord for others – there are others frustrated at the sheer wrongness of doing the right thing and suffering for it.

This makes me despair and gives me hope. I despair that suffering for doing good happens,that it happens too often. This. Should. Not. Be (are you listening, universe!)

I hope because I am not alone in being angry and frustrated about it. And so there are others who, like me, even more than me, with more effectiveness than me, are refusing this and playing different rules, and insisting on another way.

And that’s how the kingdom comes.

Kyrie eleison, deo gratias.


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