Thanks; I have good friends.

Well, that will teach me to moan on facebook! 🙂

Yesterday, I put up a bitstrips picture with the caption “how ill do I have to feel to call in sick” To be clear, I am not actually feeling that unwell; just a cold. But it is the fourth cold in about 10 weeks. This is not a bad one. I still have a voice, and I don’t ache much. But I am so very tired of taking the cold. And it is not dignified!

And my page was immediately filled with people pointing out that so many colds so often is not a good thing, and I ought to do something about it.

Even my auntie! (I only have one – she’s very special)

So, I have made an appointment to see the GP (it is not for a couple of weeks, but it means I get to see the doctor I know, and who knows; I may be on to another cold by then!)

And now I am left reflecting why I need so many people to tell me what I really already knew; that I need to see the dcotor, that I am not being a wimp, and for other people’s sake, I should get this sorted. I find myself rather disturbed that I wasn’t willing to take responsibility myself for myself.

Of course, I could just claim that I am not thinking straight because of cold-induced fudgy brain (a well known phenomenon!) But I suspect that would be another instance of avoiding responsibility.

As Fagin remarks so memorably in song; I think I need to go and think it out again…..

In th meantime, thank you to you all for helping me see sense!


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