tired but not asleep

It’s 2am and I can’t sleep. That sounds like the first line of a blues song! Only I can’t think how the next line would go – probably something along the lines of running out of patience with myself – this is not how I meant to finish what has been a very good weekend.

And if you have any good ideas if how to overcome chronic sleeplessness, please don’t feel obliged to share them: I have read, talked, investigated and battled my way through this for more years than I feel like remembering. The chances are, anything anybody suggests, I know of and have already tried. And sometimes, some of them work, just not tonight. A friend with an arthritic disease commented once that people often offered her helpful suggestions, apparently under the impression that she had not thought to do any finding out for herself – and usually without checking exactly what caused her condition.

I know what she means. But her comment has also given me pause for thought on occasions -usually when I am about to offer “helpful” advice. I am trying to remember that whoever it is I am talking to certainly knows more about their life than I do. So, if I have ever treated you as if you are a grandmother, sadly lacking in the skill of dealing with eggs, sorry!

Now that’s off my conscience, I am going to close my eyes and see what happens 🙂



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