Music, memory and knowing the words

I’ve been dashing from desk to coffee shop and back again today; some writing, much important conversation with colleagues/friends/people who matter. And the usual ongoing text conversation…..

And while at the desk I have been listening (with gaps because of said coffee shops!) to an album I have not listened to all through in umpty-ump years.

And I know all the words!

I heard once (one of those “facts” that seem so obvious that I don’t want to know if it’s not true) that music listened to at 16-18 becomes definitive, just because of age and stage.

That would explain it.

Not just the words – the emotions from then present now.

It’s been an interesting day.

And no, I am not going to name the album; not because I am embarrassed about – still – liking it, but because, well, because I choose not to. But I am now wondering about hymns, what it means to choose them, and what I need to taske from this reflection into worship planning.


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