New jeans!

I tweeted this morning that I liked my new jeans. One response asked – why would you not. Well, too long and complicated for here, but just worth noting, that my relationship with jeans has always been complicated, and it is really nice to have a pair I like, I am comfortable in, and that I don’t feel really belong to somebody else.

Reflecting on it has given me the chance to think about the clothes I “like” wearing, the ones that “will do” and the ones I “have to” wear – and the ones I would like to wear but can’t/won’t/ don’t dare.

Clothing is complex. I don’t think I’ve thought enough about what I am comfortable in, as opposed to what is “suitable” for the various contexts; or at least, why I am comfortable in the ones I like. Getting to grips with that would make shopping so muich easier, and result in far less wasted money.

And that’s before we start on what is suitable for a woman “of a certain age” who has always worn long skirts, and has just begun to discover that she has legs…..

I think I will be returning to this, as something I need to think about more.


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